Hi! I’m Andrea and I’m the potter behind Xapa Studio (pronounced ‘zapa’). I studied Art at the University of Southern Mississippi from 2005-2007 where I got my bachelor degree. I taught art at a high school level for about 4 years before coming home after having my first child.

My husband, being the wonderful man that he is, knew that I had always wanted to work in ceramics, but couldn’t afford the initial startup cost. He found a wheel and a kiln on craigslist for a reasonable amount, bought it and hid it for over 6 months and surprised me for Christmas in 2017.

I got to work in 2018 and haven’t stopped since.

I named my company Xapa Studio from the greek word xapa, which means joy and delight. The greek word is actually pronounced ka-ra, but I figure most people don’t know Greek and I like the sound of a z.

Outside Before
Outside After

My studio is located in the heart of downtown, in Collins, MS – right next door to the elementary school, the post office and the first baptist church. My studio is a 600 square foot, two story converted 1950’s garage. I remodeled it in 2020. It sits next door to a 2 story 4,000 square foot home that was built in 1902 where yoga lessons are offered and soon to be a coffee shop stocked with my mugs! I love making coffee mugs. I plan on being able to offer dinnerware soon! I also make vases, which are larger than my mugs and generally textured. And as always – I make small animal figurines I call “critters” that are always a favorite.

Most of my dinnerware items are dishwasher and microwave safe, unless they have gold or mother of pearl on them and they will be noted as such.

I’m currently not taking any custom orders at this time. By signing up for my newsletter you ensure that you could be one of the first to know when I open up slots for custom orders.

Be sure to check out my shop for the current available items that I have online and follow up on my blog to see some techniques that I like to implement in my work! or Contact me through Facebook Messenger or Direct Messages on Instagram. You can also call me at 601-641-9249