Are your items microwave and dishwasher safe?

Yes! My items are microwave and dishwasher safe unless noted. I’ve performed water tests throughout my firing to make sure that I maintain a safe item for your daily use. If it is one of my more decorative pieces with mother of pearl on it, it’ll be noted as hand-washing recommended. If it has gold on it – it is definitely not microwave safe and hand-washing is highly recommended.


What is your shipping policy?

I ship domestic and international through Priority Mail USPS. If you order more than one item, I do combine if I feel it is safe to do so. There are some instances where items need to be shipped separately if they are very different and cannot be combined in one box to get to you safely. My critters ship USPS First Class unless you purchase  a few of them, then they get to go Priority Mail.


My mug is hot!

Yes – if you pour hot coffee or tea into a stoneware mug, it will heat up. Hold with care. Also be careful not to pour too hot of water into a cold mug as thermal shock can happen – this is true of any glass or ceramic item – not just mine.


What type of clay do you use?

I use stoneware that’s fired to cone 5/6. I use Laguna Bmix 401, Frost Porcelain 437, Bmix with Grog 436 and Alligator Stoneware clays 212 and 217.


Do you accept returns?

If the item is in the perfect condition, then yes, I do accept them. If you receive a broken item, please TAKE PICTURES and let me know within 2 days of delivery. Check your item closely when it arrives for damage. I do not refund or replace after a week of confirmed delivery date or after a week of sale date if purchased locally. If you want to return an item because of personal reasons, I do not pay for return shipping and there is a 10% restock fee. If I receive the returned mug damaged, you will not be refunded anything. If you do get a broken mug, I generally offer you the closest thing I have in my inventory at the time. I do not recreate specific things for damaged items. Sorry about that! If I do not have anything like what you purchased or anything you like in general, I’ll refund your money.


How many mugs do you make?

I make as many as I can. I do all of the work myself – from start to finish, so it takes me a while to get an entire batch ready for selling. I hope that you understand! Summertime is my production central time. I homeschool so during school I’m limited on my working hours.


Do you do custom orders?

Occasionally! It never hurts to ask. Given the fickle-ness of clay and not having a 100% survival rate, customs can cause a potter a lot of stress. If you see something of mine that you would like for me to try again (see I didn’t say replicate!) I might be interested in that. Please do not send me a picture of another potter’s work and ask if I can make it. My answer is no. Do not ask me to put copyrighted work on a piece for you – also no.

Can I pick up locally?

Sure thing! If you are in Mississippi then a Local Pickup option should be available for you and then you can arrange a time to come pick up your item at my studio by calling me at (601) 641-9249, Facebook Messenger, or Instagram Direct Messages. Items not picked up within 60 days will be returned to stock and refunded to you, minus a 10% fee.


How long does each piece take to make?

From start to finish here  is my process for a sgraffito mug (with the carvings on the bottom)

  1. Wedge – 1-2 minutes
  2. throw – 4-12 minutes
  3. Controlled dry – 20minutes- 180minutes
  4. Pull handle – 15 minutes (I do batch make these)
  5. Attach handle – 4 minutes
  6. Cut off and clean mug – 5 minutes
  7. Dry again – 2-12 hours (depends on outside humidity levels)
  8. Clean mug and work on foot – 10 minutes
  9. Underglaze coat one – 2 minutes plus 5 minutes dry time
  10. Underglaze coat two – 2 minutes plus 8-10 min dry time
  11. Underglaze coat three – 2 minutes plus 15 min dry time
  12. (If I have more than one color on the bottom, I repeat that process with each color I use. Underglazing the mug alone can take me an hour.
  13. Controlled dry again – 15-60 minutes.
  14. Carve – 20 – 180 minutes
  15. Dry until Bisque fire.
  16. Load in Kiln – I’ll say about a minute here, but I load about 30 mugs at a time.
  17. Bisque fire – 10 hours up, 15 hours cool.
  18. Unload, and wipe clean – 1-2 minutes
  19. Glaze coat one – 1 minute plus 3 minutes dry
  20. Glaze coat two – 2 minutes plus 5 minutes dry
  21. Glaze coat three – 2 minutes plus 6 minutes dry
  22. Glaze coat four – 2 minutes plus 10 mins dry
  23. Glaze coat five – 2 minutes plus 15 min dry
  24. Glaze coat six – 2 minutes plus dry time until loading.
  25. Load in Glaze Firing – 1-2 minutes
  26. Glaze firing – 9 hours up, 15 hours cool.
  27. Time: Anywhere between 52 and 90 hours per piece to be completed.

(You asked!)

How long have you been doing ceramics?

I’ve been back in ceramics since 2018. I took a *short* 10 year break after college.