Life Update!

Hey guys! 🦝✨ I’ve been working sorta under the radar for a little bit now, but I wanted to share with you a little life update. 

I homeschool my 9th and 7th grade kids. When I started pottery in 2018, they were 1st and 3rd grade and my days didn’t take us very long. Now? I’m schooling for a while each day. I’m also starting a small homeschool group this year so I’m taking on 2 other students to teach which will add a even more to my year. I’m excited about this new step. My children also are now into extra curricular things: youth group, archery, cheerleading, dances, events, parties. I used to stop school and go to the studio to work for a few hours. Now, I’m driving them to practices and meets. 

I only have these two kids. I do not plan or intend to get anymore at this point, so instead of me pushing this part of their lives to the side and forcing myself into stress and exhaustion to work on my small side business, something has to take a backseat. Pottery it is. 

I love pottery and I enjoy it. I want to continue to enjoy it, so I am working when I can, and not stressing out about how much I am able to make. My daughter will graduate in 4 years. I have 6 with my son. I am not going to put mud above the time I can spend with them as they are adolescents. They are my priority and always have been. In 7 years when I’m done teaching I’ll dive back in to pottery, but during this season, its just not at the top of the list. 

So – to update you: I am not doing classes, running an online shop, or opening my studio for sales at this time. If you have placed an order with me online (through facebook or instagram) you can come to my studio to pick it up. I do still ship. I AM doing local shows. I’ll be at Lucky Rabbit the first Saturday in September, November and December and Loblolly Festival the first weekend in October. I’m sorta sticking with once a month shows just for my sanity. 

Thank you so much to those that follow me, that support me and have supported me. 

I’m not going anywhere, I’m just being more strategic in the way that I’m doing my life. Thanks yall! Now to make a little army of critters!

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