Plate Making

I have just started on my plate making adventure, but I’ve been having SO much fun doing it! Here is a quick little video, followed by a few tips if you decide to make some plates!


I’m using the GR Pottery forms WA system (Wheel Assembly is what I think it’s called). It helps SO much to get a nice clean foot!

Some tips I’ve found:

  • Make sure the GR Pottery Forms are good and dry. You don’t want your clay sticking to them.
  • Make sure your clay is the right consistency – you don’t want tacky clay or it will stick and create surface variations.
  • Take your time! Don’t rush this.
  • Score your foot ring and where you are going to apply it and use as little water as possible at first.
  • Once you get your foot ring applied, then use light pressure to press it down around your plate. THEN use water to allow it to slip through your fingers and smooth out.
  • Letting it sit on the board for as long as you can is your best bet to keep your rim as even and smooth as possible. I was going for variation, so I removed mine right away.

Hopefully these tips will go a long way and save you some time and some trouble! Let me know if they help!