Psalm 27

“Stones are heavy, and sand weighs a lot. But letting a foolish person make you angry is a heavier load than both of them.

When you are full, you even hate honey. When you are hungry, even what is bitter tastes sweet.”
‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭27:3, 7‬ ‭NIRV‬‬

We live in a social media driven world today. How many times have you heard, or said, “did you see on Facebook?…” or “I saw something on Instagram…”

We stare and drink in our phones and our screens and we don’t take a breather or a refresher of truth. We need to set our phones down, and fill up on the Word.

Facebook and Instagram (and all the others honestly) are people sharing their opinions and the opinions of others that they agree with. Each time you see one you agree with your spirit leaps! “Yes! Finally! Someone speaking truth!” And then you see one who you don’t agree with and your spirit settles, “what an idiot…”

The problem with constantly drinking in everyone else’s opinion is that we don’t actually take time to develop our own based on our actual convictions.

I do not care about your opinion. I do not want you to care about mine.

I want us all to care about the truth and that is found in Jesus. If my opinion is wrong, I want Jesus to convict me and help me change it. I don’t want my own opinions- I want the opinions of the Father.

When we take time to fill up on scriptural truth, we aren’t as quick to take a bite of the foolish conversation on these other places. But if we are hungry and don’t know the truth, we will jump in and have a heated discussion on Facebook that does nothing but killing or hurting the friendship with that person.

Arguing on social media doesn’t change anyone’s mind.

Go back and read that again. Your witty or serious comment on someone else’s post is very unlikely to change the way that they think.

So, should you not voice your opinion?

That I can’t answer. There are a lot of things I have very real opinions about. And not one of them will be posted online. Why?

Because I want people to take my opinion seriously and when I post it, it weakens. it gets scrolled by. I’d much rather have a conversation with someone, face to face, and have an honest dialogue that can help both of us, than to simply post it and possibly “go viral” or whatever. It isn’t going to change anything even if it does. The people who agree will like and share and those who don’t will disagree still and keep scrolling.

I’m full before I get on Facebook. Full of scripture, full of truth, full of scriptural conviction. I don’t go to Facebook looking for snacks. Because when I do- that’s when I left fools make me carry a weight and I refuse to be weighted down by someone who isn’t seeking God, isn’t seeking scripture, isn’t seeking revelation. You are not going to give me your unwise weights and your improper balances and make me carry it.

Jesus told me His yoke was easy and light and that’s what I’m going to carry.

Don’t hold social media opinions and shares and craftiness above what really matters.

I know that this isn’t related to pottery, but I used to write a devotional blog many years ago. Sometimes it just comes out. Thanks for reading.

Much Love and Dirty Hands,